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The Bunny Song


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"The Bunny Song" was written in 2009 and the first version of it was on my demo home-pressed CD "Some Berries". I thought it deserved a better recording, so I recorded it again ten years later, with better microphones and other studio equipment and probably slightly better skills.

I hope you will enjoy it and that on a dark, rainy, heavy day it will maybe cheer you up!


A bit of the song's history:

I wrote this song spontaneously and without trying to smuggle any deep meaning into it, but soon, like a snowball rolling down a hill gathers more snow around it, it accidentally collected significance. It was the time of the beginning of my fundraising for my debut album, which is finished but not yet released because of the crowdfunding company's bankruptcy. At that time there were already some troubles with that company, and the troubles that we could see and that affected everyone there were website troubles. It was extremely slow and buggy and a lot of people were getting tired of it and leaving. This slowed down my progress.

At the same time, in offline life I was having touring adventures. I had been invited to play at a youth music festival in Morocco as a guest from Finland, in celebration of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Finland. I was so excited - it was my first festival, and already so far away, in Morocco! Where I had never been! And I had not even applied to play there, I had been found on the internet and invited. I couldn't contain my joy. But things didn't go smoothly. A sponsor backed out and instead of flying, my little team and I ended up travelling to Morocco in our old car (with no air conditioning, in July). The car broke down in the middle of Spain... we had to get to the ferry by train and bus (we had to take several trains and buses...) and on foot, sometimes walking considerable distances from the train station to the bus station, in the heat, with my (then only one) guitar and heavy luggage, while the car was undergoing an expensive repair at a garage where no one spoke English (but all the Spanish I had learnt years before had come back miraculously when I needed it). In the end we got to Marrakech. When I was performing this song on the stage of the Royal Theatre, I could feel it in all my body. I had just lived it all.

I am still living it all, in a way. That beautiful crowdfunded album is still not out. And travelling from Espoo, Finland to Marrakech by land was not the last tough adventure I have had. But I suppose this is life, and after a muddy, rainy day with no rainbows the sun comes out to shine, and in the meantime we have to keep on going and try to avoid the lightning.


It has to be bad,
Oh, it has to be bad.
Water cut off in the morning,
Dark heavy clouds in the sky.
My neighbour’s biting my head off –
Bunny’s been eating his grass.
A rainy day with no rainbows
And it has to be bad.

No, being down is not my thing
And I’m even not sad.
I only bare my thoughts for you,
I’ve got nothing to hide.
So I tear off my robes
For it cannot be denied
That I’m embracing this naked
Truth that it has to be bad.

I chipped my tooth on the threshold.
My shoes got sucked in the mud.
Bunny got hit by the lightning,
A happy spark in the dark.
There is no light in this tunnel,
It just goes round underground.
The entrance to it is right here
And it has to be bad.

I gathered ashes from Bunny
To bury them at the dump.
I got a ticket for parking
And I’m even not mad
For it is true of so many
Things, for example the weather,
That first it has to be bad
So it can some time be better.


released December 30, 2019
Music and lyrics by Catself. Performed, recorded and mixed by Catself. Artwork by Catself.

Technical assistance by Christer Holm.


all rights reserved




Adventurous songs that tell stories. Debut album, funded by fans, is ready and waiting to be released.




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