Consolation Asteroid (ft. Wim Oudijk)


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"Consolation Asteroid" was ready for a long time - except for just a few words, but important ones. It came to me very fast and existed for over a year and I played it for myself without knowing what it was about. Then I watched Lars von Trier's "Melancholia" and I understood. The song got finished and I started performing it.

In autumn 2012 I was introduced to Dutch musician, producer, composer and arranger Wim Oudijk. Wim liked this song very much and he arranged and produced it for me. The song was sent as a special download to my Album Funders ("Believers"), and I made a video for it. It was edited together from clips contributed by fans and friends and some of my own footage, and I put it up on YouTube on 1 January 2013 ( But the song has never been available for download before now.

On 21 September 2016, on the last day of summer, Wim Oudijk passed away. I decided to put up this song here in his memory.

Wim Oudijk's website:

* The track is available for free, but you can also pay if you want. The funds from my Bandcamp sales will be spent towards the physical CDs for my album funders, who are waiting for my debut album. The crowdfunding company I used kept and spent part of my funds (meant for physical CDs) and then went bankrupt, having also failed to pay a couple of invoices. I am trying to earn the missing funds on my own. It is going slowly but every little bit helps.


You are shy and I am naughty
And we don't belong in bars.
'Cross the table we connected,
It was written in the stars.

Your eyes I feel I've known forever
And you say the same of mine.
And your wife, she doesn't matter,
Not quite at this point in time.
All eyes tonight will watch the sky.

Asteroid is coming closer,
Scientists are sure about that.
They are watching, calculating
Its position on the map.
I wish you and I'd collided sooner
But let's have another beer
And no regrets that there is no consolation here.

In the eve of doom descending
You feel the need to prove things right,
So you hold my hand and tell me:
Surely our love can't be bad.
And I say: Baby, many things are bad,
Beautiful as they appear,
But not love - though there is no consolation here.

With this whole thing ending, burning,
Who would even look at us?
So let's have a happy ending,
Might as well burn in my arms.

There's no hope and future's over,
Put away your telescope.
There's no shelter and there's no escape
And there is no antidote.
And the optimists' angel wings fall off
As they see it drawing near.
There's no problem
And there is no consolation,
Yes, the optimists' angel wings fall off
As they see it drawing near.

Believe or not,
There is no consolation here.


released January 1, 2013
Music and lyrics by Catself. This version of the song was arranged and produced by Wim Oudijk.



all rights reserved



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