Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In (2008)


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This version of this song is the second demo that I have ever recorded - in my home studio, in August/September 2008, playing everything by myself and at the same time learning to use the recording software. I used my first recording microphone, which was not the best for my voice, but I didn't know better. I spent three weeks in my home studio, making the arrangements (the harp and flute part was the most fun, and then the electric guitar and growling at the end - yes, it's me).

After receiving great feedback from a musician friend, I felt very encouraged to share my music and I put up this song, and two others, on two music sites, including a crowdfunding website. Thanks to hundreds of wonderful, music-loving, generous, kind and very, very patient people I recorded my debut album.

The album has not been released yet. The crowdfunding company got into financial trouble, stopped paying invoices and in the end kept and probably spent a large part of my budget (and of several other artists). Luckily the album is finished, and what I am missing is the funds for the physical CDs and sending them to the fans who preordered them. It is not a small sum and it is difficult for me to earn and save it, but I have to do it. I hope I will find the right independent label I could release this album with and that there will be a happy ending to this story.

But it all started with this song.

The song got quite a lot of airplay for a second demo ever recorded. It was first played on independent music radio show TalentCast (www.talentcast,nl), then on other local and internet radio stations, then the following year on BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson, and it was also included in their podcast. Later it was played for example in Morocco on Radio Marrakech, in Polish alternative music programme Radio Freak and many others.

I also got many messages about this song. From time to time someone would write to me on one of the music sites and tell how they understood the song and told me their interpretation. Some people told me the song was about them. I actually wrote the song very spontaneously in about 10 minutes. I had been practicing another song (the first demo I ever recorded) and I was tired of it, so I started playing something random and a song wrote itself, about an alien vampiress. And then I found out what other things the song was about. And all those other interpretations were true.

Tell me yours:


Oh, I know,
Elves are green,
Dwarves are red,
They live in houses of mushrooms and
Snow is white,
The sun is hot,
Strangers, they don't speak our language.
We breathe in air,
Women like men,
They wear dresses, sometimes skirts.
But not all that glitters is gold,
Look how much I know,
Look what a brain I have.

Soon I'll speak to you,
I'll talk a bit,
Till I find out what makes you tick.
I'll smell your skin and then I'll know
How much it will pay me for my effort.
Your blood is red,
Your veins, they throb,
Your palm is open and you'll live long
Because you're not quite my type,
You've no clue that I've just saved your life.

Oh, look what I know,
Look what I know,
I know everything about you all.
Now that I know all that I know,
I think I'll find some nice group to belong to.
They won't notice,
They won't guess,
They'll never see how they fall in my nets,
How they get weaker with every drop
That brings me strength running down my throat.
'Cause I'm one of them when I look like them,
I speak like them and I sleep like them.
So when I bite, they won't shout.
That's what it's all about.


released October 20, 2008
Music, lyrics, arrangements, everything by Catself.



all rights reserved



Adventurous songs that tell stories. Debut album, funded by fans, is ready and waiting to be released.

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