Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In

by CATSELF feat. Saint Nicholas Orchestra

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This song will appear on Catself's debut album which is already finished and waiting to be released. A sad story is slowing down the release: the crowdfunding company where I raised the budget kept and spent a large part of my budget and went bankrupt. I am missing the funds for the physical CDs and sending them to fans. I hope to find the right independent label to release the album with.

The album was recorded with the accompaniment of Saint NIcholas Orchestra. The project was possible thanks to hundreds of music lovers who supported it on a music crowdfunding site.

Thank you for purchasing this track, and sharing the link!

Every song purchase helps me earn and save for the physical CDs and sending them to the Album Funders.

The image in the artwork is a still from the music video.

Watch the video:

The video was made by Riske de Vries.


Oh, I know,
Elves are green,
Dwarves are red,
They live in houses of mushrooms and
Snow is white,
The sun is hot,
Strangers, they don't speak our language.
We breathe in air,
Women like men,
They wear dresses, sometimes skirts.
But not all that glitters is gold,
Look how much I know,
Look what a brain I have.

Soon I'll speak to you,
I'll talk a bit,
Till I find out what makes you tick.
I'll smell your skin and then I'll know
How much it will pay me for my effort.
Your blood is red,
Your veins, they throb,
Your palm is open and you'll live long
Because you're not quite my type,
You've no clue that I've just saved your life.

Oh, look what I know,
Look what I know,
I know everything about you all.
Now that I know all that I know,
I think I'll find some nice group to belong to.
They won't notice,
They won't guess,
They'll never see how they fall in my nets,
How they get weaker with every drop
That brings me strength running down my throat.
'Cause I'm one of them when I look like them,
I speak like them and I sleep like them.
So when I bite, they won't shout.
That's what it's all about.


released November 13, 2015
Music and lyrics by Catself.

The song was co-arranged by Saint Nicholas Orchestra

Catself: vocals, guitar

On this song, Saint Nicholas Orchestra play:
Anna Kołodziej: nyckelharpa
Agnieszka Kołczewska: percussion
Bogdan Bracha: bombard
Justyna Kazek: cello
Marcin Skrzypek: hammered dulcimer

Recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski at Preisner Studio



all rights reserved



Adventurous songs that tell stories. Debut album, funded by fans, is ready and waiting to be released.

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